Fruit tree nursery “Professional”

Important information for site visitors:

Fruit tree nursery “Professional” is a family nursery that specializes in grafting production for 60 years, of which 11 members of the family are supported. Our nursery is legal and registered in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Tax Administration which is confirmed by data bits:

Company number: 63941581
Tax Number (PIB): 109118443
Number in the register of producers: 19-178
Fito number: 19-178
Activity Code: 0130

We are doing production of fruit trees extremely professionally, and we are trying to justify the name of the nursery (Professional). Our fruit trees are certified, a large part of raw material is imported from the Netherlands and from the nursery “Vermeerderingstuinen”. In the nursery, and in our family we have agricultural specialists including: Engineers of plant protection, horticulture engineers, agricultural technicians, and technicians grower – winegrower. The picture is clear, so that the quality of products, the seriousness and responsibility of our nursery is no doubt.

We sell seedlings produced only in our nursery, we’re not on resale, so that prices of seedlings are affordable as we are manufacturers.

What do we offer?

Over 200 varieties of different types of fruit, large range of rose trees and classic roses. The two-year, one-year and three-year seedlings, also plugs from the so-called greenhouse production. We also offer a variant of contracting production for the next year, where all the seedlings are up to 30% cheaper. We are always standing behind quality of our products, so we guarantee the accuracy of varieties, health status, and warranty for the success growth of our seedlings in the percentage of 95-98%. Always available for old and new customers

With our seedlings get free expert advice about plant protection throughout the year, as well as consultations on planting and selecting varieties.

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